Thursday, January 31, 2013


     I was blog-cruising for stuff to do to tell you guys more about me --- and came across this ABC doo-hicky off of a new-to-me blogger named Janette over at & I figured ... easy enough, let's go for it. A-Z can't be all thaaat difficult, right? ;)

A} Age:
I am 25, but have been called an old soul on more than one occasion.

B} Bed Size:
California King. ;)

C} Chore you dislike:
I hate the vacuum. Thank my lucky stars every day for laminate flooring...

D} Dogs:
Yep! We have a "little" bully breed baby named Chance.

E} Essential start to your day:
Slapping the alarm clock at least three times in an effort to catch up on all the sleep I thought I was was good for as a childless human. Then brushing my teeth, throwing my hair into a messy pony & finding the quickest way to ingest caffeine.

F} Favorite Colors:
I love orange. Like the creamsicle-esque orange? That one.

G} Gold or Silver:
I love gold, but that was pretty much for my younger (tanner) years. I am a total silver-wearer now ... and I actually prefer sterling.

H} Height:
Probably shorter than your average 6th grader. I'm four feet, eleven inches tall & short of nothing. ;)

I} Instruments you play (past/present):
I think everyone knows the recorder in fourth grade out here, but I assure you, I was horrid. I hated that thing. I played violin for a while as a kid, I liked it & wish I would have stuck with it.

J} Job Title:
Mommy. I'm also known as "that crafty mom from therapy." The photo is kind of representative of a typical day. Only, throw in therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.

K} Kids:
Holy buhjeez. Yes. I have personally given birth to three: Antonio (just turned 6 on 1/29/13), Marcos (5 on 3/11/13) and Delilah (1 on 2/2/13). *Deep breath* Then there is Michelle (19 on 2/4/13), Krystal (18 on 6/22/13), Javi (16 on 2/1/13), Jennifer (7 on December 14, 2013) and Baby Isaiah (Krystal's baby due in April 2013). I know, I need photos. Soon, I promise.

L} Live:
long & prosper.

M} Mom’s name:
My birth mom's name is Debbie. My mom is Cheri.

N} Nicknames:
Jessica, Jess. I was adopted at 8, and "Stormy" was one of those names I hated. I couldn't escape the stupid questions. The "really?!" or the eyeroll. I chose Jessica. I became Jessica. My family usually calls me Jess. My mom called me Jessie, and to this day, it sounds weird coming out of anyone elses mouth.

O} Over night hospital stays:
Three times. For c-sections, Oh what a happy happy joy joy that was. I was SO glad to get out of there. I hate confined spaces and white walls. It was bad.

P} Pet Peeves:
(Too funny Janette, same answer.) The repetitive  unchanging noises. Like, pen tapping, or foot tapping. Clocks piss me off if they are too loud. Or people who blow bubbles with their over-chewed gum over and over and over ... yeah those noises. I know, weird.

Q} Quote from a Movie:
"Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have f'd with? That’s me." it's from Clint Eastwood's character in Gran Torino. Yeah, I love that movie. 

R} Righty or Lefty:
Ambidextrous. It means I can break my right hand, and still write. Right? ;)

S} Siblings:
Ok, so were you shocked when I listed off my kids? Well ... *deep breath* Richie, Cindy, Chad, Misty, Brandon, Bret, Robyn & Sarah.

T} Time you wake up:
Depends on what time the kids' therapy is scheduled for the day. And if they let me actually sleep or not.

U} URL favorite these days:
Mehh, idk actually. I have been trying to wean myself off of the inter-webs  Not working to well...

V} Vegetables you don’t like:
Cauliflower or broccoli. No, pretending to be a dinosaur eating trees doesn't help. I tried, more than once.

W} What makes you run late:
Having an entire softball team to dress, organize and account for. That and my pants are always too long, so I spend a big chunk of time folding them up/in in the mornings.

X} Xenophile:
It means "one attracted to foreign things, as styles or people." (this X word was originally X-ray so Janette changed it to teach you a word that begins with X. Pick a new word!) 

Y} Yesterday memory:
Seems like yesterday that I was thin enough to fit into a size 3/5. Not.

Z} Zoo Animal Favorite:
Umm, I like the cute fluffy faced monkeys that are in the mesh things. Not the huge, bang on the glass and pick their butt ones.

I love that based on letters of the alphabet, you guys totally know a lot of random things about me. Do this one yourselves, and link me in the comments! I'd love to see what you guys come up with for your ABCs.

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  1. Very fun and I bet you had fun answering!! I would love to have a big family like you do! I am still on the fence on whether to have a 4th lil' babe, but guess only time will tell. Great ABC's!! Great to get to know you too!