Friday, September 20, 2013

Bright Star Kids (Review & Giveaway)

If you read ONE post on my entire blog, let it be this one!

Bright Star Kids is a company located out in New South Wales, Australia, famous for name labels, clothing, wall stickers and schoolbags (& accessories). You'd think that a company of this size with all these different types of products, a beautiful website and great prices ... would have less than great customer service right? Negative. Bright Star Kids' customer service goes about 10,000 steps beyond being great - and goes right into the fantastically magnificent zone! I'm not even joking ... I won't deal with companies after I have a customer service issue. I'd be willing to bet a lot of you are like that too, right? Well, no worries with Bright Star Kids in Australia ... they're simply amazing.

My review is on the personalized labels, which I decided to personalize for Mrs. Campa: a wonderfully brilliant teacher who takes each K-2nd grader with Autism in our entire school district into her classroom with this magical skill, a giant smile on her face and a crazy amount of love in her heart. Needless to say, Mrs Campa's organizational skills are super important to the coordinated chaos that is her day ... and Bright Star Kids was totally willing to help this saint of a woman label all her cool supplies! I'm telling you ... Bright Star Kids is FANTASTIC!

The Camp Labels Kit is what we chose & when it was all said & done? Processing and shipping took about 4 business days. Speedy!
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x Brochure
2 x Iron On Protective Sheets
16 x Large Round Stick-on Labels
16 x Shoe Labels
20 x Large Stick-on Labels
30 x Small Stick-on Labels
40 x Tiny Stick-on Labels
60 x Regular Iron On Clothing Tags

I know, I know ... you're saying:
"Wait, 180+ personalized labels for that price? Something has to be wrong with them."
Nope. No catch! I promise ... they are pretty much amazing.
Check out the stuff Mrs. Campa and I labeled:

Cover those boring old pencil "HB #2" inscriptions!

Round labels on a simple pail can hold pencils and dry erase markers!

Spice up a boring notebook with a little creative labeling!

Keep your school supplies from "wandering" off to other classes or into backpacks!

This is just a sample ... your labeling possibilities are pretty much endless! 

Seriously, Bright Star Kids is a fantastic company ... with amazing things to offer all of us. Please go check them out, connect with them on social media ... and enter the giveaway below. The best part is that Bright Star Kids is SO fantastic, they are giving away TWO $50 gift vouchers! The other one can be found here, along with a review of custom wall art! Enter both of them!

"I am so glad they could personalize them with the school colors AND logo! They can even go in the dishwasher, washing machine, freezer AND sterilizers! It's all so perfect, and I can't wait to use the iron on labels for the kids' zoo field trip! Thank you so much Bright Star Kids, this is such a great gift - be sure to look for my order next year! So cool!"     -Mrs. Campa


  1. They sound like a really great company and I like labels that can go anywhere like my dishwasher and washing machine without having to worry about them. This would be great for my 8yr old who constantly needs pencils it seems on a daily basis for school. Apparently his like to grow legs and walk away and without a label it has no owner. :)

  2. This would be perfect for Jada next year when she starts school!

  3. Labels are a must have, because kids have a tendency of losing things at school.

  4. OMG I love labels!!!! ♥ This would be awesome to help me keep organized! ♥ I love how awesome they look! my favorite links are Christmas Chalkboard Labels AND Round Chalkboard labels

  5. I value good customer service too, and it's not always so easy to find.

    Labels have saved us many, many times. I love them for the kids!

  6. I love these labels! With so many kids they are awesome for keeping items labeled and getting them back in return!

  7. How sweet are these! <3 I love labelling things :) x

  8. I wonder if any of my kids teachers would like these! Pretty neat :)

  9. Very cool! Love little labels like that! And I'm the same way with customer service!

  10. Ahh more cuteness!

    There are still tons of stuff I'd love from them! I need to be rich. HAHA.

  11. What a great idea as a gift for teacher's day!!

  12. How sweet of you to share these with a teacher. I know how much she appreciates them!

  13. I love that you gifted these to the teacher. So nice.

    I love these

  14. Very cute! Like you customer service is big to me, I think because I was in customer service many years of my life so I appreciate it when I get it.

  15. Now that is a great idea! I like the way the labels look and I bet the teacher was thrilled.

  16. awwww awesome comp-n great review hunny xx

  17. Wow those are awesome! I'm a label freak lol. Great review ;)

  18. Your labels look professionally made. Love the palm logo :D

  19. Great product to review! I love labels, it's nice to keep things organized.

  20. Labels really help make things more efficient. Great review!

  21. So many cute things! Ahhhh!!! I love the following the most!

    The whole label thing got me from the get. My daughter is always loosing her school stuff or mixing it with other kids and brings home nothing. so this would be a great way to label what is hers.

  22. Looks like nifty stuff. I'm sure it's something my son could use somewhere so I'll be looking into this. Thanks for the heads up!

  23. I want some for my desk at work!