Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Rubber Stamp Press

     Sometimes, I send pretty little quotes to people. Like a random "feel better" kind of quote written out, sealed up & shipped off. It's just a small reminder that someone, somewhere is wishing them a beautiful day, a little joy and a smile. Maybe it doesn't change their day. Maybe they throw it away. Who knows -  but I'm doing it. In my quest to single-handedly spread random joy, I have written my blog name in the upper left corner of one too many envelopes - and after a bit, it starts to look ... well, let's face it. Boring. Besides, who likes to write out the entire spiel of information every time they send something?! Yeah, no one. So, when Kim from Rubber Stamp Press and I started talking on Etsy? The ideas came flooding in.

     See, Kim makes rubber stamps. Self-inking and wood-handled ones. Ones with words, ones with art ... and yes, ones with both. The best part? You can't run down to some craft shop and buy these. She custom makes them for YOU. No one else in the entire world will have your stamp! If you know me, that's a huge bonus - I love being unique. Doesn't everyone? Through the ordering process, Kim and I discussed the options available, and she sent me proofs of my stamp, along with the exact dimensions/size so that I would know not only how it looked, but how large or small it would be. If I wanted changes, she made them. This is the last print she sent me:

     Ok, I tested her. I made four changes, that to be honest ---- would have driven me crazy. She was very nice about it, and worked until my nit-picky little self was satisfied. Sorry Kim, but I had to! You're such a good sport - and guys ... she had NO idea she was being "tested." These were the changes I made, and each time - I got a new print preview & dimensions:
  1. I was torn between two types, and she helped me decide.
  2. I asked for it without heart.
  3. I added the heart.
  4. I moved the heart.
     I finally placed my official order, and 4 days later? My beautifully crafted custom rubber stamp had arrived! It was expertly packed - I mean, this little gem couldn't have broken if someone played football with it! Priority mail shipping was a plus too. It was perfect. Kim even included a little card with the preview of my stamp and helpful stamp hints, which by the way - I totally needed. I thought I knew how to stamp, but I don't. (Thanks Kim!)

This this is a beauty! I am telling you, check out the detail:

And here are some "action" shots of my beautiful new stamp:

Guys, it stamps perfectly every time. Every single time. The only time it smudges a bit, is when I push too hard. Which, happens, but as you can see from the photo above, even "messing up" looks gorgeous! 

Please, if you are looking for a rubber stamp - of any kind - go see Kim.
She's absolutely fantastic.

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  1. I am totally looking for a stamp, actually. I'll have to contact her and see if she can do one with the logo I am currently working on for my blog. :D