Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rob @ Tiny Bird Press

     Ok, so this post has been a long time in the making. But I have to let you guys know about a great artist and instagram friend of mine. Ok, so we have never met in real life, duh - thus the "instagram friend" distinction. Whatever. The point is, he has GREAT art ... and you really should take a look. I could sit here and type 4,000 things on how awesome he is, but I'd rather let the man speak for himself! This is Rob Schwager, owner of Tiny Bird Press, in his own words:

I work as an illustrator and graphic designer. For the past 19 years, I've worked in the comic book industry as a digital colorist and painter. I love hanging with my wife and kids. I'm into learning about God, lowbrow art, comic books, cartoons, nose art, pickelhaubes, steampunk stuff, pin-up girls, vinyl art toys, cyanotypes, acrylics, oils, hot rods, kustom kulture, pinstripes, tattoos, tiki stuff, chicago gangsters, vintage metal signs, screen printing, fabricating stuff with my hands, old school punk rock (the classic stuff, late 70's early 80's), 50's rockabilly, rock posters, 'zines, digital painting, etc...
      And seriously? That blog was updated in 2008. *giggle* Who am I to judge his blog? Mine is a total train wreck haha. Okay, soooo. I'll shuttup & let you look at some of my personal favorites from his massive array of art:

I had originally put like 20 image links up
but I decided I'd better make it short.
But CLICK the shop name above to see more!

     Probably my favorite piece of work in his entire collection ... is Rosie the Riveter. As you all should know by now, I am a huge fan of history, with a major love of all the strong-willed amazing women that made my loud-mouth possible. However, I really have a soft spot for the women in our histories who were everyday women. You know the ones I mean. The women who busted their asses everyday doing the work everyone thought they couldn't/shouldn't ... their names were never in the newspapers, headlines or even in history books now. I mean, even now - do a google search. Search "women in WWII factories." This is the 5th photo to come up:

Blahhh! Her name is Veronica Lake & her name is plastered all over the places this photo appears. She was a film actress, just "informing" the ladies what could happen if they wore their hair long at the factories. I actually can't stand this photo ... but before I get into the whole feminism spiel, check out what Rob says about his Rosie the Riveter piece on his website:

In honor of Women's History month, I wanted to create an art print of an American icon symbolizing strong women. One who epitomizes the hard-working, patriotic women from the greatest generation. I have been wanting to do this print for a long time. I've been slowly working on the drawing for this print and for a sister print, for about two years. Rosie and the dedicated women like her and the contribution they made to the war effort have always held a special place in my heart. They helped build the bombers, which as a child, I became obsessed with. Now that I'm grown, their sacrifices have strongly influenced my artwork. As seen in my B-17 nose art bomber panel series. I can't think of a more perfect icon that symbolizes the true American spirit, which my daughter can look up to and I can have proudly hanging in my own home. I hope you enjoy her as much as I have. A tribute, to Rosie the riveter.

     I couldn't agree more. I'd love to hang this kind of Americana independent female role model in my daughter's room. In the living room. Wherever we can be reminded everyday of the beauty to be found in strong hardworking women with backbones, opinions and a good pair of pants.

We love you Rosie. And you, for making such awesome pieces of art, Mr. Rob Schwager! Go check out his art people - it's amazing. Simply amazing.

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  1. I think it is so great that you are so supportive of other artists. Thank you for sharing these images, they are fabulous.