Sunday, August 11, 2013

3-Day Student Survival Kits

     Now that my kids are back in school, we got the dreaded notice about sending a Zip-Loc bag full of emergency supplies that will last for three days in the event of a serious emergency and/or lockdown. Great, just what we all wanna shop for right? It's not a hard thing to do, but I decided to show you guys my packs. Each school asks for different things, but I like to cover my bases ... and pump up their bags in case there actually IS an emergency!

     The goal is to put in a bunch of healthy-ish snacks with a fair amount of protein, vitamins, and yes, a bit of sugar. As you shop, the main thing is to check for the things that will keep all school-year. The soonest any of these things expire is May 30, 2014 and my kids are released for summer May 23 2014. It works! Please try to remember to avoid peanuts - because a kid with an allergic reaction to peanuts in the middle of a catastrophe would suck, really bad. This is Squish's kit: 

- 1 emergency blanket
- 2 packs of travel anti-bacterial wipes
- 1 travel pack of baby wipes
- 1 travel pack of tissue

30-40 Teddy Grahams
10-20 Ritz snack crackers
10-20 'Nilla cookies
5-10 Maria Gamesa "cookies"
4 Slim Jims (jerky works too)
2 squeezeable applesauce packets
2 juice boxes*
2 packs of dried fruit
2 packs of Pringles sticks
2 granola bars
1 cereal/milk bar
1 box of raisins
1/2 bag of M&Ms

     Obviously, this kit is custom-made to Squish. He has his favorites in there, along with some essentials. Antonio's kit has a small bag of honey roasted sunflower seeds already shelled. Both boys have a small photo of all of us, and a quick little "don't panic, listen really well and we'll see you as soon as we can" note and quick doodle. Something to make them feel a little more close to home. I may go overboard, but I'd rather be prepared for the worst than sorry I didn't pack enough. You know?

     As far as the food shopping, just try to find all the food groups in the smallest packages that you can, but remember that the cafeteria should have a small surplus of food at all times. I also usually make a few of these 3 --- in case one of their friends' parents maybe couldn't afford something or forgot it. Your child's classroom(s) will also have first aid kits, so there is no real need to include these items in their personal kit - but talk to their teacher(s) to see if you can donate anything. I hope this made your emergency-kit packing a little easier!

Tell me: If you had to pack one of these for yourself, what would be the first three things inside? Why?

*bottles are preferred, but for boxes: you may want to seal them in their own snack-sized zip bags!

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