Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps

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     Having a daughter made really made me take a step back and look at my "beauty" regimen. I don't want to have Delilah associate makeup with beauty. I want her to realize that women are all different: some of us have freckles, some of us have more pigment, some of us have wrinkles laughlines. I want her to realize that even when I don't wear mascara, I'm still beautiful. With that being said? I am going through this almost militant re-haul of all my makeup and skin care products. Ok, maybe not completely militant. *shyface* Hey ... I never said I don't want to be (& feel) pretty!

     After double checking my skincare products on a site that ranks them by their hazardous potential ... I chucked over half of my products. After a frantic week (or so) of research, all roads lead to handmade/homemade soaps. Let me just say I was having a really hard time believing that a handmade soap could leave me feeling all fresh & silky soft like some of those "high-end" brands you can buy out here in LA. You know, the ones that charge you three hard-earned paychecks for .25 ounces of magical fix-all? Yeah, those. So when I found the amazing Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps? I was floored. As they say ... "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Front to back:
Earl Grey Tea, Gardenia, Zanzibar Clove, Sweet Pea Rhubarb & Dragon's Blood

     Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps makes their soaps in small batches, completely by hand, with the finest ingredients ... all while nestled in beautiful Vermont. They are dedicated to using the most natural of products, and working their crafts as "green" as possible. Every label, business card and bit of packaging is made of recycled paper. The scents are amazing. Let me tell ya! Soo clean & gorgeous! They are distinct & strong, but not at all overbearing. The soaps I chose were best-sellers, but Grace & Miss MOuse Soaps also offers goat milk, sheep milk & spa soaps! There are even bars with natural exfoliants, like orange peels and tea leaves! Simply amazing. Oh ... and for people like my Grandma Margie, who can't handle the scents? There's a fragrance-free bar! Even a bar to wash your little four-legged friends! How cool is that?!

     I've used each bar, and let me tell you ... fantastic. I'm so ready to order more! Each one left my skin soft and clean and lightly scented. I didn't need all the lotion goop to handle the dry skin I get from the books at the library. Actually, I've had a bar in my bathroom for about 2 weeks, and my hands are nowhere near as dry (and prone to cracking skin) as they were before! I wish I had taken before pics! I really have to recommend adding the soap bag to your order, since the soaps do tend to slip a bit. Antonio thought it was hilarious, but a soap bag could rein it in and add an extra little scrub-factor to your washes. Other than that, I'm completely in love with Grace & Miss Mouse's entire lineup. Check these out though:

These bars are super smooth! I'm on the left, lathering up with Earl Grey Tea.
Antonio wanted in on the trials & is hand-washing with Dragon's Blood on the right.

     Judy, the gracious owner of Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps, has provided not one, but two of her super cute Guest Bar Variety Packs for a giveaway! Each pack includes one ~1oz bar of each of the following scents: Fresh Linen, Lavender, Lemon Verbena & Vermont Forest. These guest packs are perfect for guest bathrooms, gifts, overnight bags ... and even as a drawer freshener! So perfect. Enter now!

     Even if you don't WIN the guest bar variety packs, Judy has ALSO agreed to offer a "buy four, get one" deal exclusively to my readers! Be sure to mention "HELLOTWOAM" and your free soap choice in your order ... if not, you won't be able to access the deal. Deal ends 11/28/13.

     Are you on a healthy skincare kick?
Tell me your go-to products ...


  1. I love handmade soap! I wish we could buy right now, but I'm definitely bookmarking her site because Lemon Verbena and Hippy Dippy sound awesome :)

  2. I've never had handmade soap before. I'm looking at her sheep milk soap. Those sound really great!