Friday, May 31, 2013

#Summerfunswap Reveal

I forgot to even post that I had joined this baby. I am a horrid blogger. I swear. I joined another swap, again hosted by Annie and Cindi, but this one is summer-related! Now that I am working on my fitness, and that my mom totally volunteered to help me with the kids swim lessons (and pay for them all) ... I am starting to love summer. I get to get out and get active and this swap is perfect!

Well, in signing up, we got asked to describe our "perfect summer" so that our swap partner would know what to get us. I was pretty vague about my whole "perfect summer" thing ... talked a little about my kids and park/lake/pool fun. I was actually pretty nervous about what that could/would lead my swap partner into buying.

I actually got paired up with Annie! Yeah, one of the hosts. *cheesygrin* Kind of cool to get paired with her. I have known Annie for about 3 years, through social media ... and we have more than a couple things in common. I loved shopping for her package!

Wow, I ramble a lot huh? Well, let's get to it!

Bad quality photos, do forgive me. Look though, she sent a BUNCH of stuff!

Her adorable note was complete with bullet-point hearts:

"Popsicle maker for those icypops.
Water gun to help cool down.
Seeds for starting a garden.
Waterproof fan to cool down some more, lol.
EOS Summerfruit ... cuz it's fitting.
Bubblegum to pass the time.
Essie nail polish to match the ocean.
Chewy bars for an outing."

Those of you who know me in real life, know that I love Japanese Markets ... and products. I hadn't even expected that in this package, and she totally hit on it ... check out the waterproof sensu fan from Daiso Market and that Marukawa gum! Plus, the popsicle maker? Love. Love love!

The 2 different types of morning glory seeds are perfect for me to pass onto my big brother, who started a great little garden at his house. He sends me photos all the time and has quite the green thumb ... I, on the other hand ... don't. (I am determined to make these beauties LIVE!)

The Essie is a rare treat for me since I usually use the 99c/$2 brands. I have bought Essie for others, and have only one other Essie color of mine though ... the color is so pretty & looks great even with my super-fair skin!

I got my first EOS in a swap package from Janette --- and LOVE them. New flavor, yay!

The water gun, popsicle maker and chewy bars are totally for the kids - and I love that Annie included them in the swap package. Frankly ... what kind of summer would I have without them?!

----------         ----------          ----------
Sigh. Perfect. I could not have asked for a cooler package on a swap ...
Thank you SO much Annie. I am thrilled!
I hope you love your package as much as I love mine...

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you loved your goodies! I loved mine as well! I haven't tried the drinks yet, but I should make that a priority once it gets hotter out, teehee! Thank you for joining the swap m'dear :D