Friday, January 1, 2010

Bestie Book Landing Page

     Tatiana & I choose a book and hold our own little monthly book club, and call it BestieBook. We take all month, dive into the literary piece we've chosen - and present a review for you on our blogs at the end of the month. Our reviews are not compensated, and seeing as how I volunteer at a public library --- we try to check out the books rather than purchase them. The only exceptions to this are publisher/author proofs, and we will let you know when those happen.

     Remember that we are on opposite sides of the United States, and are bibliophiles looking for completely different things in our literature. What I love, she may be completely bored with, and vice versa. It totally helps to go read her reviews too...

Tenative Schedule
(under construction)
Cinder - July
Scarlet - August
The Creation Of Eve - September

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