Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cool New Find!

     Our house got hit by the yuck-sick-bug a few weeks ago. With 6 people in a 2 bedroom apartment? Needless to say, we ALL caught it. This is the first time I have been on my actual laptop for ... well, about a week now. I still have a stuffed up ear, and the sniffles, but I think I am on the safe end of things. I came back to read a few blogs ... and stumbled upon a post by Cindii talking about this cool new box subscription thing called Graze.

     I have never really shown a lot of interest in the mail-me-a-box-so-I-can-blog-awesome-about-it kind stuff, but this? This is pretty awesome. It's basically a box of healthy snacks they send you, for $5 a week. I can safely say that I spend maybe triple that on the snacks crap I am eating already. Needless to say, I signed up, in a few simple little steps. Yes, I screen-printed a loooot of this stuff so you guys can check it out.

I chose nibblebox. Yeah, I want the "fatty" version. ;) 

If you click the little pop out box thing, it tells you this:
"We only need your payment card now to verify for your free box.
After that, we charge you per week, so you can cancel anytime online."

& through the magic of telev--- I mean, a blog ...

Wait ... so what the frig comes IN this graze box? Keep reading.

There is WAY too much stuff for me to go through and print screen evvverything, but um, here.
There's also some little sections with pre-organized stuff so that you can easily cut the stuff you're allergic to. Or find exactly what you're looking for. But look:

To be perfectly honest, this is all stuff most of us could chop, crush and throw in a plastic baggie ourselves. But umm, I'm a lazy cow when I don't have to deal withe kid related stuff and would rather blog. Like I said,  $5 a week for this stuff is WAY less than what I am spending now on snacks ... so why not throw my money at this place for nommy GOOD food, rather than at the elote man for all those extra calories?

Oh, check out the rating system:

No stars, no confusing "sometimes" or whatnot. It's like this:
Trash = "Ew, wtf is that?!" or "I'm allergic."
Try = "Mehh, I could try that one."
Like = "I'd like this a bit more frequently."
Love = "Omg. Take my money, gimme this."

     Apparently, it's all pretty hush-hush right now, and they are an invite only type of company. If you are in, click here and sign up!It's already preloaded with the invitation code from me, so you are already accepted. Love this concept. As you can see, I signed up. Once I get my cool box, I will def pop in to review it for you all.

     Ok, ok, I 'll shuttup already. BUT you tell me ... what do you think? Are you signing up? Waiting until they go big? Not interested? Let me know!

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  1. I signed up :P Always looking for new healthy goodies :D