Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bauble Swap 2013

     I signed up for my first ever swap. I know, I am doing too much, too fast. Let me get into this blogg-y thing okay? So, the swap. It's called a bauble swap & it's hosted by two pretty awesome girlies (Annie & Cindii). I'm pretty sure it's just another way to meet new people, but I'm all for it!
     I signed up before I had a blogger, so I used my livejournal account & it was all a-okay. I got an email with my swap partner's info and am so ready to do this! It's actually pretty awesome that we can do stuff like  this. I love mail. I love mailing. I love ... being a geek over little stuff like this.

     Ok, so ... we basically get to know our partners, go out and buy some little baubles we think they'd like, pack them up and ship them off. Once everyone gets their stuff, we reveal it all on out blogs (or in my case, livejournal). So, my partner is NOT TO BE REVEALED YET! Well, turns out, I made stuff for her back in the day. Blinkies & whatnot. Whatta small world! I am looking forward to emailing with her and figuring it all out, going shopping for cuteness & sending it off!

     I'll keep you all updated too!


  1. Cute new layout m'dear!

    PS - You're not supposed to reveal your partner yet, but that's ok, bahahaha :P

  2. Annie, I totally edited it. ;) Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for loving the layout! =D

  3. Swaps are too fun!! I'm excited bc I"m part of a swap with you and I'm looking forward to getting to know you too! Hugs!