Monday, February 18, 2013

#BaubleSwap Reveal

     Ok, so again ... swaps. This was the FIRST swap I had ever signed up for. I was sooo nervous, but when I signed up, I used my livejournal account. I started this sucker (HelloTwoAm) not long after. But ... I had an amazing time with my first swap.

     I got paired up with Kim, also known as Kimbo or kaj111. Turns out, I had made her graphics back in the day --- and totally remembered her name (UFC fan, what can I say haha). Well, needless to say, we hit it off ... and got to talking on yahoo messenger. Her package came first and this is what was inside:


2 Layer Charm Necklace
(a feather, 2 colored gems, aclear gem, a sparrow, a key & a plate with "love" stamped into it.)
I actually debated buying this EXACT necklace for myself while I baubleshopped for Kim. I remember touching it and thinking how pretty it was. I put it back and told myself I was shopping for someone else, and not myself. How funny that it's the exact thing she bought. Perfect! My favorite piece.

4 Elastic Pearl Bracelets
I am actually wearing them right now. All four. My daughter likes to touch them when she falls asleep, like run her thumb over the surface of them. It's adorable. I love pearls, and she topped the idea of one bracelet ... and got a pack of four. They are different sizes, one has delicate teeny beads, and they go up in size --- ending in the chunky one, one for every look. Love them!

Pair of Pearl Post Earrings w/ Bows on Top
Totally reminds me of Minnie Mouse. I love that these have the same pattern as one of the rings I chose for her. I think it's called "faux pave" but I'm not really sure. It's super cute, all I know. Haha. I'm saving these ones for Delilah, once I actually get brave enough to pierce her little ears ...

Kissy Lip Chip Clips
Seriously, love these. I had just shook my fist (yeah, cartoon style) at my husband for not rolling the chips after he was done! They are adorable  and she sent them as a "gag"gift ... but umm, totally a much-needed hit in this house! ;)

Owl "Takeout" Box
Thee cutest thing ever. Antonio even asked me if he could take it to school for his Valentine's box. Soo cute. It's now holding my iPad charger and iHome stylus, perched on top of the bar in my kitchen. Cutest "catchall" ever...

Cupid's Arrow Clear Zippered Bag
Okay, so ... I'm not a jewelery person. Before this swap, I had ONE item I wore: my ring. Now that I have pretties ... I needed some place to put them! Kim thought of everything ... and then some. Cutest lil bag ... I am  keeping all the baubleswap stuff in there!

Gobstoppers & Nerds
I have no idea how she knew, but those are totally in my top ten non-chocolate candies!

Butterfingers & Crunch
Ok, so I can't lie. Antonio ate these as soon as I could pop them out of the box & take the photo. Chocolate head ... he totally got that from his Auntie. ;)

Ok, so Kim even remembered the gift reciepts! Soo cute. I loved everything, so I didn't need them ... but they were there "just in case." I loved swapping with Kim ... and all the cute new stuff she brought into my life. I feel awesome, she did a great job! She posted her reveal on livejournal (I pretty much cross posted this to my personal account too) and they are both public, so you all can see it here.

Kimbo, you rock chica. Thank you so much for all the goodies.
You're a doll. =D


  1. I absolutely LOVE the baubles that Kim sent you! I am so glad I was able to re-connect the both of you. Thanks for participating in my swap, Stormy (& starting your swap addiction, bahahaha)! :D

  2. Very cool swap!! It is hard to go shopping and want to buy things for yourself!! So cool that she sent it to you!!! You do a great job of detailing your swaps!! Love it!