Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social 005

Sunday Social

Valentines Day Theme
1. Best Valentines Day you've ever had:
I have never really had an over-the-top-nice Valentines Day. I had kids young and it's always been kind of kid-related. I would think the Valentines of 2006 was my favorite. We went to the movies. No interruptions, no weird looks from people. It was just a simple quick dinner & a movie, but that was the last time we actually had an official Valentine's Date alone.
2. Worst Valentines Day you've ever had:
This year. My husband was gone (not by choice) and he did wonderful things like send me a handwritten note via snail mail, write "I <3 Stormy" in snow and took a picture of it ... but I missed him. Not to mention: my daughter had RSV and I had to have "the talk" with my older son's principal about his attendance this year. I was out, all day doing Mommy stuff from 7a - 7p. I came home, did all the kids showers/bedtimes ... stuffed my face and fell asleep to Lifetime. Not horrible, but I missed my husband. 

3. What did you do for Valentines this year?
Read the previous haha.

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single:
Pamper yourself. Whether that's a spa day, hitting the gym, or stay at home melting into a pint of ice cream over Lifetime ... treat yourself to "you time."

5. Favorite Valentines Candy?
Umm, the chewy Sweet Tart's hearts. Or the little sampler boxed chocolates with cremes like lemon, orange or strawberry.

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood:
Elementary school candy-grams and Valentines. I moved around a lot as a kid ... I wasn't like super popular, but I loved getting those little candies with a note attached. I loved the personalized, handmade ones the most. Funny how stuff like that sticks with you. I'm 25 and still love candy-grams. ;)


  1. I hope your little one is feeling better! Stopping by from the link up and a new follower!

  2. sorry you didn't get to spend valentine's together, that's never fun. I love the chewy sweet tarts, those are delicious!
    Helene in Between

  3. Lifetime is the bomb, am I right? My mama was a Lifetime-aholic and we always knew not to call her on Sunday afternoon because she was watching a movie, lol. I'm sorry you didn't get to see your husband for V-day, but it sounds like he was trying hard to make you feel special. Hope your little one gets better soon. We've had RSV before, and it wasn't fun. Stopping by from the Social Sunday link-up and am now following. :-)