Thursday, February 14, 2013


     I forgot to mention that I signed up for the 2nd Annual Vday Mug Swap. Oops. Blame my insane husband-less week. It's like preggo-brain, times seven, minus an amazing husband who walks around behind me making sure to take note of where I left my keys, mail or that can of formula. Yeah. Blame that.
     Annywhoo ... I saw Annie blog about this super cute & adorable #vdaymugswap being hosted by Caroline & Alissa ... mainly because I was like "OMGANOTHERSWAP!" Plus, it totally has it's own hashtag ... and I love hashtagging on instagram.

     I got paired up with a really sweet lady named Janette. I love her. Simply adorable. So ... we hit it off. I like following her blog. She does random really nice things and has a heart of gold. She's got super cute family and a very pretty puppydog.

     Is it sad that I love these, probably a little more than I should? Well, I do. Janette is a DOLL. She is a really nice person and sent the most amazing stuff. She really did learn a lot about me, even thought I'm not the most open blogger. And this is my first ever reveal. Annnnnnd I totally forgot to take photos of the stuff I sent her ... so all you get to see is what she sent me. ;)

I get the package. It's artfully wrapped in BRIGHT red duct tape. Love that. It's like pretty, AND theft-proof! ;) Love the bright and beautiful. PLUS she has these super cute little labels made specifically for her blog on there. So much cute and I hadn't even opened it! I love her stickers. Pretty pretties! This is the one on the side of the package and on the top of the pretty tissue paper.

     So, I open it. Holy Toledo. She found out SO much about me! I kept pulling out stuff that made me smile. I actually facetime'd my husband to show off the goodies ... but he was unavaliable. Boo. I was sooo geeked. =D Simply amazing lady ... and some not-so-simple to find items.

 1. "Made With Love" Cookie Stamp
(I love baking cookies & this is amazing!)

2. Cookie Lee Cherries Necklace
(Pretties! Idk how she knew I liked cherries though ...)

3. Three NYC Nail Polishes
(Probably the only 3 I don't already have haha)

4. EOS Lip Balm
(I have seen these, but never bought one. Omg, love it.)

5. Maltesers, Yorkie & Fingers.
(Love UK sweets. The Fingers didn't see nightfall...)

6. Target Gift Card
(Eeep, you know I love this. I'd live in that place.)

7. Vintage-esque Keychain
(Soo pretty, and my keys needed some pretties.)

8. Letter Initial Stickers
(Idk the technical term, but I love snail mail - and these!)

and the main attraction?
A beautiful coffee mug.
Pretty pink butterflies & their really pretty heart flight pattern.

"Bring me my coffee, will ya?"
"Sure thing ... but where is it?"
"Walk around till you find the gorgeous mug. That's the one."

I love this swap. I made an awesome friend too.
I will link you all to it once she posts hers.
It's official. I'm a swap addict. =D
Sorry for the rambles. Idk when to shut up.
And the horrible watermarks on otherwise cute pics.


  1. You are too cute!! So glad you loved everything!! I'm excited to share my post with my goodies too!! Thanks for being such a fun swap friend!

  2. I love your friggin' mug, it's so darn cute! I'm glad I got you addicted to swaps, bahahahaa! Awesome stuff, awesome swap :D

  3. that mug is so darling!! how cute i love what she sent you