Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Face Time!

No, not the app. I realized I don't have many photos up for you guys to see or even know what I look like. Well, here goes ... these are not in any real order. I just found a couple of photos on facebook & threw them up in a post. Not that kind of throw up. Frick, you get the idea ... this is me.

I love black and white photos.
Maybe because I am soo light skinned haha.

I have loved tattoos since I was like ... three.

I have to admit, I really miss my short hair.

Me, when my hair started growing out.

My son and I. Yes, he's a ham ...

My daughter and I in the mirror a while back.

Halloween 2012: Sick, but I have never missed a Halloween. Ever.

Oh & for those of you who might think I'm on the skinny-minnie side of life? I'm not.
My hips could knock small planets out of orbit.

If you really want to see more photos of my family, my puppy & what it is that I do all day, follow me on instagram. (jessiemarvel)

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, "My hips could knock small planets out of orbit." Girl, I swear we're in the same boat of life!

    But I'm also right there with you. I love black and white photos, not sure if it's because I'm so pale or what it is. But if you look at my instagram posts, you'll see just how much of them are black and white. Lol.