Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pull-Ups Party

     So, I applied to host the Pull-Ups House Party at this cool website and I was approved pretty quickly. It was my first ever event like this, so I was pretty nervous. As some of you know, my son has Autism. He has a lot of therapy hours per month, and some of his hours are spent at the office of his service providers. I am not really sure if I can name them, so I am keeping the company's information private.

     A few weeks before my party's date ... blam. It seems like everyone gets sick. We postponed the party until today, and it worked out really well. I did things a little differently because it was for special needs kids, so the atmosphere was a little different. I kept the noise makers in the bags so no one would have any auditory overload. We had juice and gingerbread shaped cookies frosted like little diaper'ed babies.

     The coloring station was a huge hit and all the kids sat, ate and colored their first flush pages while the parents talked about how difficult it's been potty training.Everyone was very excited to receive their free samples of Pull-Ups too. It was an amazing time and I am so excited for more House Party events!

     Here's the set-up before it was invaded with the little minis.

This is what I do. I'm a therapy mom. I do this stuff & those little faces
all light up and make my entire week. & helping another mom?
Priceless. I love it. THIS is what I do.

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