Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tumblr Find

Do you ever just want to grab someone in one of your classes, pull their face close & whisper: “I am ten times smarter than you will ever be. Your opinions are both ill-informed and unoriginal. The career path you are headed towards is so overdosed with barely competent imbeciles like yourself, that you will be incapable of finding a job. Incidentally, your shoes are clashing with your outfit in a way that cannot even be called deliberately bad ... so shut. the. fuck. up.

     Yes. Yes I do. Except that clash-y shoe part. Mainly because I am really out of touch with fashion. I almost never "match" or have "in season" stuff. But back to the post. I do feel like this. A lot. With school, and life in general. Bleh.

     I miss my best friend, and my sanity. 

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