Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grandma Cheri

My mom called yesterday morning, to see if she could come take the boys for a bit. Me, running on like 10 hours of sleep for the week, agreed faster than she could finish the question. Plans were made, and she'd pick them up and take them to her house. I tell them ... And they shoot off like rockets to their room to get dressed.

Five minutes later, they are dressed, on their best behavior, and on the couch asking every twenty seconds if she was here yet. They waited about forty-five minutes. Grandma lives in Irvine, and we live in West Covina. She packed them into her SUV and hinted that I go nap. Stupid me, "oh we have gift certificates to lunch, we might try to do those." Yeah right.

I came back inside, cuddled with Delilah, and crashed for a looooong time. Woke up, did some little minor household stuff, like dishes. And watched a movie with Javi. The kids come back ... Tired, fed and with new stuff

She got them matching bikes & helmets. Apparently, Antonio was all over the place on it and crashed (sleep, not the bike) the moment he got back. He woke up this am, and asked if he can go riding haha. Marcos wasn't too into it, but he loves the hell outta his cool new puzzle set! It was supposed to be a birthday present, but Grandma said he could open it early.

It's Marcos' birthday tomorrow ... & we are off to Sam's Club to celebrate. He likes Sam's Club pizza ... And it's the cheapest birthday dinner we've ever seen. ;)

Gotta stop at Dollar Tree for a flashlight for him too. Long story.

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