Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Liza Perrat: Spirit of Lost Angels

      Personal note: I was given an ePub copy of Spirit of Lost Angels directly from the author back in October of 2013. Although I finished it not long after receiving it, life took over & I have failed to post her review! This review is LONG overdue, and I hope Liza Perrat can forgive me!

     In Spirit of Lost Angels, we meet Victoire Charpentier as a child growing up in the poor French village of Lucie-sur-Vionne during the 18th century. Though her journey steals us away from her village and on to Paris, her story is nothing like the love stories I have grown so accustomed to reading from the era, location and setting. Its actually quite refreshing to see the other side of the fantasy life of other novels. We follow Victoire through numerous heartaches, laced utter despair and floating just above an abyss of "la melancolie."

‘I feared la melancolie would creep upon me again – the sadness that seemed ever poised to spring on to my back and wrap its malevolent arms around me for the slightest reason.’

     Don't think this is a sad tale of "woe is me" French maid though. Victoire has got an amazing resolve and steadfast heart. She is a heroine, and one with a story. As I read through Spirit of Lost Angels, my heart felt for Victoire and her situations. I grew to love her, to wonder what I would have done in her shoes. I am so thankful to Liza Perrat for allowing me to enjoy such a fantastic read in exchange for this late review.

     Overall, I found Spirit of Lost Angels to be historically accurate, entirely captivating and fantastically well-written. As most of you know, I refuse to give spoilers, so my reviews are fairly short and I almost always urge my readers to seek the book out for themselves & form their own opinions. You can do so at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Be sure to add Spirit of Lost Angels to your Goodreads lists as well!


  1. I'm sure she will forgive you since you did an excellent review of her book. I love these kind of books. I am a huge fan of that era and usually buy the historical romances over the new ones. Will have to check this one out based on your review.

  2. Thanks for a great review, Stormy... glad you enjoyed the story. Cheers, Liza