Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's Feelings #1

So, in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday? & wanting to be the oddball weirdo who makes up her own craziness? I give you Friday's Feelings:

Which search-engine image best represents your day?

Would you care to tell us why?
Well. Okay. This morning was kicked off with Squish in a really bad mood. We're struggling with his mainstream education, and the problem really lies in his behaviors at school. Today, I was in the office before school, restraining him with one hand, cradling coffee in the other and managing to protect passers-by from the flails and bumps coming from my 5 year old with Herculean strength. Once I managed to get to a position to put my coffee down safely, Squish broke free. I sprang the whole step back towards him and in one fell swoop, grounded his chair, his backpack and his body into a hold. He wasn't happy. He struggled, I struggled. A substitute passed by us and smiled that therapeutic smile. She said something about me doing the right thing and to stick with it. It made me feel a little less isolated in that busy crowded office. It wasn't a pity smile. It was a therapeutic one. Thank you, sweet substitute. You helped more than you know.

This is just something I am trying.
What do you think? Should I keep Friday's Feelings?

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  1. I like Friday's Feelings but I love Wordless Wednesdays as well. Seems a bit more intimate. :)