Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Than Just An IG Giveaway

     For those of you who don't know, Delilah is 2, with the heart of a diva ... stuck with a mommy who sucks at all things fashion. Okay, I'm not a total failure, she gets her nails painted & her hair gets pinned back/up... sometimes. That's pretty much as far as I can go.

    Her therapists have mentioned that the rare skirt (I make them, then pair them with bike shorts & a tee, 80s style baby!) help her with her mobility, and aren't restrictive like her pants or jean shorts can be. So, I guess I realized that I can deal with her preferred fashion choices for that purpose. But I totally needed help ... because let's face it: I wear jeans and hoodies all day long. If I wear a bra that's not meant for sports, something big is going down. I can barely color coordinate, to be perfectly honest. So with a medical reason to change her wardrobe ... and no clue how to start, I did what any mom on social media would do ...

     I posted a few statuses and instagram photos calling for help on the girly side of stuff! Within a few weeks, Delilah had a social media army of girly Fairy Godmothers. My friends set out to tag me in cool giveaways and share shops with us. Most involved glitter-by-the-gallon outfits and wayyy over-done tutus. Which, as much as Lala would have loved them ... I passed on. I had almost given up on the giveaway part of the quest for girly, when my good friend Jenna W. tagged my personal instagram account in a giveaway hashtagged #springatgoa. I was totally excited. Such adorable stuff, with SIX shops participating! Check out the stuff they had up for the giveaway:

1. a gorgeous chunky-beaded sparkly necklace in yellow, black, glittery silver & white complete with a rose.

2. a perfect vintage-esque spring headband OR clip accented with a pretty pearl.

3. an adorable crocheted cap made especially for her, in her size.

4. an incredible handdrawn dreamcatcher tee in sunshine-y yellow

5. a fantastic custom made spring outfit made to match the fabric in #2.

6. a superb bandanna bib in a floral print

Well guess what?
I posted every single day ... and tagged friends & geeked over all the pretties.
& when it was time to draw the winner, I stalked my instagram feed.
Then this popped up.

*super mega happy dance*
Seriously. I was so happy, I squee'd.
Out loud.
In the middle of the store.
I couldn't help it!

To the shop owners who  are sending all this amazing stuff to my Lala? I can't thank you guys enough for the love ... and if you ever want a blog review, please don't hesitate to let me know! I've got you. You guys have made my entire month --- and given my daughter some great things to start her road to teaching Mommy about pretties. You've all got a major hand in helping me turn my little girl from grumpy tomboy to positive princess. It's such an amazing feeling. Thank you. 

    < Grumpy Tomboy
Positive Princess >


  1. I was so happy to see you won the giveaway! She will look adorbs in her new clothes & accessories :)

  2. I was so happy to see you won the giveaway! She will look adorbs in her new clothes & accessories :)